Waiakea Bottled Water Brings Hope

Do you purchase bottled water to drink? Maybe you don’t, opting instead for tap water. After all, it tends to be more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. But what if you didn’t have access to clean water? This is the case for a number of places around the world. For instance, people in Malawi do not have access to much clean water, and the area has been listed as the most underprivileged in the world. They are not only deprived from fresh drinking water, they are also deprived of children. In this area, the infant mortality rate is extremely high, and some of these numbers can be linked back to contaminated drinking water.

For this reason, Pump Aid is working alongside Waiakea water to bring clean water to areas around the world that otherwise will not have it. This type of giving back is helping more parents have hope for their children as well as to have hope for themselves. Kids who have access to clean water are able to go to school, learn important things, live longer, healthier lives.

In case you are wondering, you are able to donate to the charity without having to purchase bottled water. If you live in an area where you can volunteer with the company, that is another way to help underprivileged areas. You can donate time and money or you can simply help by purchasing the bottled water.

What is it that makes this brand of water so special? The major fact is that each of the sales from this particular product will help to support non-profits such as Pump Aid. The other reason, well the water alone is some of the best you will ever taste. When you combine those facts together, why not choose Waiakea bottled water?

Waiakea comes from Mauna Loa, the large island of Hawaii. It rains here 360 days a year and since it rains so often, the clean water is rushed through the volcanic rock which adds tons of minerals to the water. It is some of the healthiest water you will drink.