Tobias Jaeger, the Entrepreneurial Capital Adviser

Tobias Jaeger is a re-known entrepreneurial capital advisor, consultant, investment banker, as well as business developer with specialties for technology and media. To this end, he has experience of over ten years in building businesses, doing business internationally, and deal making. Currently, he is a Managing Partner at Axiom Venture Capital.

Axiom Venture Capital is a consulting firm in the media, content, and entertainment industry. As such, the company aims at helping other businesses dealing with film, television, and entertainment to grow their businesses as well as find financial solutions. He helps entertainment and media entrepreneur identify the right investors for their ventures. Further, Tobias has also been instrumental in initiating Axiom Pictures which is a television and film equity fund which is based in Europe. The company targets to invest into global television and film industry.

In 2006, Tobias co-founded the Support German Troops an initiative that aims at creating awareness as well as accumulate support for all troops working for the German Armed Forces. This non-political and non-governmental initiative has so far raised hundreds of thousands as donations to support several armed forces families across Germany.

Tobias Jaeger attended the Maastricht University where he graduated with a first degree in International Business. Tobias is also a graduate of Texas A & M University. Tobias Jaeger has worked in several other ventures that enabled him to gain a lot of experience in finance, consulting, business advisory and film industry.

Tobias entrepreneurial spirit became evident while a student at the Maastricht University Netherlands. In 2007, he established his first firm, the Business Associates Europe which dealt with developing innovative models of delivering strategy services to companies. As such, the company brought together the experienced industry consultants with the university students. Through this business, Tobias and his team provided leading companies with in-depth research support all over Europe.

When he graduated, Tobias ventured into e-gaming by partnering with a poker player to start StrategosPoker. This is an online platform which teaches casual Poker players how they can play competitive level games thus generating significant personal incomes. Later, Tobias worked as the Managing Director of the entrepreneur academy that provided personality empowerment training to potential entrepreneurs in both Europe and the Middle East.

Tobias Jaeger puts personal empowerment techniques at the core of his business activities. He explores how individuals can apply personal empowerment with the aim of achieving professional and personal prosperity. Interestingly, Tobias can speak English, Dutch, Italian, German, and Spanish.

Currently, Tobias contributes in several business news outlets and networks. As such, he comments on current developments and events in the entertainment and media industry. He now lives in Berlin with is his wife and son.


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