Securus Helps Our Law Offices Speak To Clients

I have used Securus for quite a while to manage calls to my clients, and I believe it is the only way to reach when it is truly needed. The system helps me see my clients, and I may have long conversations with them about what they need from me.


#1: It Is A Simple Video Conference


The video conferences we use in the office every day are no different from what we see with Securus. We establish a call with the client, and we talk to them for as long as we need about their situation. It helps to know they are getting the information they need from our office. I call on my tablet often, and I have colleagues who call on their phones.


#2: The Calls Are Simple To Make


We trained everyone in the office to use Securus in a few minutes, and we are using it every day. There are times when we are all on Securus at the same time checking on clients, and we have more range because we are using Securus. The meetings are helpful, and they offer high quality.


#3: How Long May We Speak?


We may speak for as long as we like, and it is quite helpful as we have clients who need a massive information about their case coming in all at once. We talk for long periods of time, and we are satisfied everyone is up to speed.


Our law office is far more efficient now that we are using Securus. We check our clients often, and we use it just as a video conference system would be used.


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  • Bridget Lennox says:

    I am trying to give them what they need, and I want to ensure they feel as though I am caring for them as much as I can. This article explains how the system work in our office. This might mean that the best has always opted for what has been described earlier on.