Sawyer Howitt Has Advice For Millennial Entrepreneurs

     So you just finished college and are ready to blow up the business world with your kick butt business idea. Your attitude towards life is full of energy and is awesome, but you lack the necessary experience that a seasoned veteran has. Here are some important tips that you’ll need to know to get started.

Just do it. Don’t wait forever for the perfect time to get started. It will never happen. You will learn with time and experience. Once you start keep focused on the prize. In this day and age it is so easy to get distracted. You are running a business and you have a goal, don’t forget. Also, if you get distracted with a new idea each week (a.k.a shiny object syndrome) you head will be spinning to the end of time. Your other ideas can pursued once you got your current business running properly. If you are going to employee people treat them right. Encourage them with positive words and praise. Don’t under pay their efforts. When you have happy employees, they will work harder for your business to succeed. Also, if you want awesome employees, you have to hire them. Make sure them are qualified and have the right attitude. Be a sociable person. As a business person you need to be able to talk to people. If you can’t, hire a trusted partner to do it for you. So many businesses don’t focus on money, and that’s a problem. Be aware of what you’re spending, how many visitors you are converting into customers, and so on.

Sawyer Howitt is the next up and coming entrepreneur to hit the scene. At only a teenager, he has a list of accomplishments that anyone three times his age would envy. Sawyer knows the ins and outs of how to run a business’s operations and finances. He is from Portland.

He is the Project Manager at The Meriwether Group, his father’s businese. He previously worked at RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst. Sawyer is a philanthropist and is passionate about many causes as women’s rights, the mentoring of youth, and is a leader of the international ethnic study group. He is currently a freshman at University of Berkeley, California. He is majoring in Consumer Economics.

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