Roberto Santiago Built A Mall That Is As Large As a City In Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a native of Brazil. He was raised in Joao Pessoa. At a young age, Roberto set out on his career path by beginning his own cartonage firm, where he designed a variety of cardboard cartons that were made use of by a variety of businesses in Brazil. Since that time, Roberto has progressed to realty investments. In 1989 Roberto purchased a large area of land in his home town of Joao Pessoa, and developed that area into one of the most central attractions in all of Brazil, the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto achieved his education from Pio X Marist College with a very advantageous degree in Business Administration, while endeavoring with his studies at the University Center of his home city.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the most massive plazas in Paraiba, the state where the city of Joao Pessoa is located. The mall opened in 1989, and the construction for it took two years to complete, from the start of 1987. There are nearly endless shopping options at the mall. It encompasses a theater, an expansive food court, a rooftop concert hall, a truly massive gaming area, a gym for taking care of shoppers’ fitness requirements, several banks, and an on site college for those who wish to study a course.  Read more on

On top of the mall is centered Domus Hall. This is a fully air conditioned concert hall that was opened to the public after its construction was finished in 2009. The space inside of the concert hall is amazingly large. A whopping 10,000 people can fit inside of the concert hall if they are standing, inside of its two-story structure. There are also cabins for music to be played within acoustically sound proofed walls, for a truly individualized experience. Numerous entertainers hold concerts there, as well as special theatrical productions that make use of the hall’s up to date sound equipment and their breathtaking acoustics.

The movie theater is equally impressive. They present the most current films available and have a large area devoted to gaming for the kids and young at heart. There is a built-in bowling alley and a 200 gaming system amusement park that covers 1800 square meters.

Their massive food court was updated several times to accommodate restaurants of every taste and budget. Fine cuisine such as steak houses with food prepared by Chefs and fast food are also options.

There are also a plethora of furniture stores, an array of garment stores, jewelry, book stores, and truly something for everyone.

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