Preventing Crimes Using the Securus Technologies Call System

When me or my fellow police officers are on the hunt for a suspect, every hour can be critical, especially in the suspect has a history of violence and will do anything to avoid capture. Our skills can only take us so far, that is why getting help from informants is so critical to keeping the streets safe. But what happens when you have a suspect without any family or friends helping and it appears they have fallen off the edge of the world, then you use Securus Technologies to help.


When the CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, talks about the mission statement of his company being that they work to make this world a safer place, he isn’t kidding. All 1,000+ of the Dallas Texas-based employees of that company are all working to one end, trying to prevent crimes. The inmate call system that Securus Technologies installed in our jail was going to help us to stop crime, we just didn’t know exactly how just yet.


After we were trained to use the LBS software, we got to see exactly how valuable this resource was going to be in our quest to get this suspect back in prison. The call system is able to do the work of a dozen officers, scanning the conversations of the inmates and identifying specific chatter. Today, the system alerted me and my team that an inmate was in conversation with family that was helping our suspect lay low.


We sent a team of officers to monitor those family members, and it wasn’t long before we found our suspect hidden in the barn at the back of the property. The call system has been instrumental at getting fugitives off the street and helping us to prevent violent crimes in the city from here out.