Norman Pattiz Establishes How Podcast Marketing Can Boost Company Sales

Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting mogul. He is the founder of Westwood One, the largest radio network in the United States. Pattiz accomplishments further include his ownership of Podcast One, an audio-on-demand company. His experience in the broadcasting years spans for more than four decades specializing in the radio syndication segment. Pattiz also owns the Courtside Group, a radio programming company.

Pattiz’s accomplishment in the broadcasting industry earned him an appointment by both the Clinton and Bush administrations in 2000 and 2002 to the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. Among his accomplishment at the board include conception and introduction of Arabic language broadcast media services across the entire Middle East.

Pattiz further played a role in the adoption of Farsi-language broadcast in Iran that covering a weekly audience of over forty million listeners. Pattiz won several awards for his contribution to the broadcasting industry, among them the Library of American Broadcasting and Giants of Broadcasting awards. Pattiz also earned a nomination to the prestigious National Radio Hall of Fame.

PR Newswire believes that besides broadcasting, Norman Pattiz serves as chairman, leader, and a member of various institutions across the country. Among these organizations include the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos Security Laboratories, where he serves as chairman. Other organizations the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Relations where he is a member, and the University of California, where he serves as a regent.

Besides his role as Podcast One executive, Pattiz also doubles as a scholar and researcher on broadcast media advertisement. His studies on Podcast One adverts include studies on the effectiveness of brand ad across various market segments. Pattiz conducted the study in partnership with Edison VP Strategy Tom Webster.

The studies established the effectiveness of Podcast in influencing purchase intentions, brand recall and specific messages recall. In particular, the studies established over 50 percent boosts in the brand familiarity of grocery brand familiarity among Podcast One listeners. The studies recorded similar gains from Podcast One advertisement in other markets including the automobile and restaurant market.

Pattiz scholarly and research work affirms the effectiveness of broadcast media ad. Podcast One further boosts of airing popular brands and celebrities including Dan Patrick, NPR New York, Adam Carolla, NPR Los Angeles and Lee Gifford among other popular brands and celebrities.

Pattiz Courtside Entertainment Group performs as well as his Podcast One and Westwood One Broadcasting network. The network hosts high-profile celebrities through its radio programs. Among the stars hosted by Courtside Entertainment Group include Dr. Drew Pinsky, Bill O’Reilly, and Ron Paul.