Kate Hudson Makes Fabletics More Accessible to Consumers

Fabletics has risen to the top in a short amount of time. People in Australia, Canada and the United States have all become fans of the Fabletics brand that was co-founded by Kate Hudson. She is the person that is out front doing the marketing, but she also has other partners like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler that are giving her a lot of help in building this athletic clothing empire. She has been able to create a brand that is easily recognized because Adam and Don already had a formula in place. This is a company duo that has created other brands like JustFab and FabKids. In other words, Adam and Don were already competing with Amazon with their other companies long before Fabletics came into place. This has given Kate Hudson a great business model and a leg up with her competition against Amazon.


Fabletics is a brand of athletic clothing for women, and one of the greatest ways that Kate is able to compete with Amazon is through the large amount of variety that is available. This has become one of the best things about having an online store. There are no limitations that are imposed by physical stores for the amount of inventory that is stored. This is what Amazon has been doing for years in order to sell different products. Kate Hudson has realized that this was a great way to start her company. Now she is building an offline community of stores that customers are aware of the brand. This gives her loyal customers even more convenient to try on clothes, and it also provides a great way for new potential customers to discover Fabletics.


Kate Hudson has done a lot of work in building her brand, and she is well aware that there are millions of people that still do not know the Fabletics brand or who she is. That is why she decided to take a step back from her acting career. She was much more concerned about building her brand of clothing then she was about her acting career at this time. That is why she chose to fully dedicate herself to this clothing line. She has taken small roles in movies in recent years, but people that see Hudson on television are much more likely to see her in commercials for Fabletics. This is where she has dedicated her time.