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A few years ago, finding a lawyer would involve looking for referrals from relatives and friends. Other individuals would refer to yellow pages in search of lawyers. To some, the local bar of association was helpful. Only a few people knew that the internet was useful in the search for legal assistance. With the arrival of technology, some organizations have established online platforms for the search of legal aid. The people of New York City can testify to such developments following the establishment of a new online platform for the search of lawyers by the New York State Bar. Through the advanced online platform, the residents of New York can seek individual help at any time of the day.


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With the rising cases of the urgent need for lawyers from time to time, the Lawyer Referral & Information Service is set to lower the pressure people experience while seeking legal help. While addressing the matter, Tony Lai, the chief executive officer of stated that the New York Bar of Association established the technological platform to provide a market base for the industry of legal matters. He further indicated that the lawyers online have the ability to scale service delivery to many people at lower costs. With this partnership, it was projected that most individuals would be able to access legal help through the interface.


Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is an executive lawyer in charge of Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is a law firm committed to offering advice to compensation committees, chief executive officers, corporations as well as governments on legal matters. Through Jeremy Goldstein, the company deals with sensitive issues arising in the scenarios of transformative and corporate situations. Before he established his firm, Jeremy Goldstein was an active partner and associate at Wachtell and Lipton. He has been linked to many corporate transactions over the past twenty years including the process of United Technologies acquiring Goodrich. Jeremy Goldstein chairs the subcommittee of compensation linked to the American Bar Association of Business. He is a great motivational speaker and writer. His subjects of discussion revolve around corporate governance and executive compensations.


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