Investor And Publisher Paul Mampilly Gets Interviewed By Ideamensch

     Financial advisor, publisher and investor was asked by Ideamensch how he brings his ideas to life. Mr. Mampilly replied that he brings his ideas to life after doing an incredible amount of research on the stocks and investments that he recommends to the readers of his newsletters. Paul says that he averages around 30-40 hours of research per each recommendation. This show that he takes his job very seriously. After doing the research, Paul Mampilly says he spends another 20-30 hours crafting his recommendation. So a lot of hard work, time and effort goes into bringing his ideas to life or in Mampilly’s case to paper.

Another thing that Paul Mampilly spends a lot of time on is to create information that can be easily understood and absorbed by his readers. Mampilly says that he realizes that most of his readers will not have the financial expertise that he does. Therefore, he goes to great lengths to make the information he presents in his newsletters about stocks as simple and easy to understand as possible. He provides plenty of data such as charts, graphs and tables that highlight why a certain stock or investment is a good pick and bet for the future. Of course, he has to balance this delicate act. Mampilly does not want to water down the information, yet he wants to make it understandable to his audience.

So by carefully researching every stock and investment option, spending the time to craft a well written article and providing plenty of data, Paul Mampilly is able to create a highly informative and effective financial newsletter. What also helps Mampilly publish his newsletter is by imagining that he is in the shoes of his readers. This allows him to better create and bring ideas to life.

Mr. Mampilly was asked about the best $100 he has spent in the past year. His answer was a very surprising one. Paul said that the best $100 he has spent lately is on purchasing books. Mampilly is a big believer in constantly learning and gaining new knowledge. This is why he considers purchasing books the best recent purchase he made.

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