Fabletics the Sky is the Limit

Many new companies would see challenging Amazon for a share in the multi-million dollar active wear market an impossible dream. However, Kate Hudson and her active wear line, Fabletics are not just challenging Amazon; they are holding their own in a highly competitive niche market. In a mere three years, Hudson has taken the activewear company from a fledgling enterprise to a $250 million dollar operation. The premise behind Fabletics is simple and yet genius. The company has devoted itself to serving its customer base. By using a series of questionnaires to discover what individual customers are actually looking for in active wear and by listening to their customers, Fabletics is able to provide the choices, styles, and unique varieties customers are seeking. Additionally, Fabletics focuses on offering an extremely high-quality product at a fraction of the cost of most other brands of active wear.


In a changing economy, Fabletics has positioned itself ahead of the curve by capitalizing on what matters the most to their customers. Things like exceptional customer service, cutting edge trends blended with traditional features, exclusive designs, and a large helping of glam have replaced the former industry standards of high price and name recognition as markers of high value. Fabletics began as an online subscription service for active wear, but following in the footsteps of Apple, they are branching out and opening physical storefront locations across the United States. This opens the door to a new type of customer and improved opportunities for Fabletics to receive feedback. A part of the store front success is the attitude adopted by the company itself. Traditionally customers who are in a store just browsing viewed in a negative light. In contrast to this attitude, Fabletics makes a point of welcoming browsing. The focus is on engaging the customer and not in pitching a sale. When a customer feels welcomed and has a positive experience, odds are they will buy, if not immediately in the store then at home online. Fabletics is not concerning itself with where the customer buys, but rather with retaining the customer’s business and building a relationship that will endure and lead to repeat business as well as positive word of mouth advertising.

Teri Hutcheon, the blogger who runs the site A Foodie Stays Fit, is so enamored with Fabletics that she created a non-sponsored review of the products. Hutcheon gives Fabletics and its products high marks in selection, value, and durability. She also is quick to point out the lack of pressure to buy, which is rare from a subscription service.


Clearly, Fabletics is poised to continue to grow and change the shape of active wear in the future.

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