Desiree Perez Turns The Tide At Tidal

Music streaming is the primary way that millions listen to their favorite musical artist today. Streaming music is a multi million dollar business for the leading companies. Music fans realize that Tidal is a company that is owned by Jay-Z. This is a music subscription service that is getting a lot of attention too. Tidal seemed lost at sea, until Desiree Perez turned the tide for the music service. Jay-Z with the help of Desiree Perez has turned the streaming service into a top contender in the industry.

Desiree Perez

Perez is an experienced business woman that understands the way that business works. She is also a very close friend of Jay-Z. The business and music mogul made a smart decision to hire this very experienced business woman to run his organization. Perez is known as a tough businesswoman in industry circles. She is also a very tough negotiator and is good with numbers. These are all the top assets of a top business executive.

Perez is probably the first to realize that the target audience for Tidal was the young consumer. Therefore, all her energy should go in the direction of connecting with those young consumers. The good news is that Tidal is steadily building a wonderful following with various methods concocted by Perez. The fact is that Perez is a mastermind of the marketing process. She is the brains behind the marketing for Beyonce’s Lemonage album. Perez is also the marketing genius behind the Formation tour. The future is looking bright for Perez and Tidal.

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  • Scarlette Maxim says:

    Music streaming is a fun experience that has changed the market and every listeners preferences thank to the Internet. Tidal can use and the others to influence the way the people are already conditioned in the consumption of the music. With the right connections and solving, they can turn things around in a while.