Damac Group Owner Hussain Sajwani Values Business Connections

Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman and CEO of the Damac Group. This dynamic company has a focus on selling luxury private real estate in Dubai. Sajwani founded the Damac Group in 2002. They are known for their top of the line apartments, villas, and other residential units.


A unique marketing campaign that they employed once was to offer a free Bentley to each buyer of a residential unit that they were selling. The Damac Group pushes the limits of the industry, and does what no other real estate firms have done. So far, their efforts have paid off. Damac is a leading real estate firm in Dubai, a city-state within the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai has a reputation for the gorgeously posh architecture and building features, and is one of the most visually attractive locations in the world. It is full of glamour and shine, which is why it attracts so many international buyers interested in purchasing a private luxury residential unit.


In 2002, Damac owner Sajwani saw a great opportunity before him. The Dubai government announced that non-emirates could purchase and hold property within the city state. Sajwani began marketing on an international level and had success almost immediately. He sold his first units within six months and soon after that expanded his reach and grew Damac Group.


One of Sajwani’s well known business partners is President Donald Trump, whose partnership with Sajwani began in 2013. The two businessmen worked together to develop the Trump international golf course line, and started up two separate golf courses in Dubai. This set up a long lasting relationship between the two, which remains strong to this day.


The Hussain Sajwani family has formed bonds with the Trump family, and the two groups spend time together in social atmospheres. Hussain Sajwani’s son Abbas shared on social media photographs of the Trumps Florida resort, where he was vacationing with the Trump family. Sajwani also says that his wife and The First Lady are close, and send emails to each other in order to stay in contact. The connection that was formed through a business contact turned into a friendship that has lasted years.