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Jeremy Goldstein Leads in Corporate Governance

A few years ago, finding a lawyer would involve looking for referrals from relatives and friends. Other individuals would refer to yellow pages in search of lawyers. To some, the local bar of association was helpful. Only a few people knew that the internet was useful in the search for legal assistance. With the arrival […]

Jeremy Goldstein; An Exemplary Legal Practitioner

About Jeremy Goldstein   Jeremy Goldstein attended Cornell University, where he attained a BA with great honor. He also graduated with an MS from the University of Chicago. Jeremy Goldstein received his legal education from the New York University School of Law. In his long and illustrious career, Jeremy Goldstein has worked for many prominent […]

Brazilian Legal Expert Ricardo Tosto

As a civil law country, Brazil’ legal system is based on Roman law, which was brought to the country by Portugal during colonial times. The country is a derivative republic where the federal government’s laws take precedence, then the states, then municipalities. There are federal and state courts in Brazil, however there are no municipality […]