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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continuing Their Climb to Amazon

Any time you mention that a company is closing the gap to Amazon, you have to take a step back and really look closely at where Amazon is in that market. When we are talking about the fashion e-commerce market, Amazon is not only way in front, they are pulling in 20 percent of the […]

Kate Hudson Makes Fabletics More Accessible to Consumers

Fabletics has risen to the top in a short amount of time. People in Australia, Canada and the United States have all become fans of the Fabletics brand that was co-founded by Kate Hudson. She is the person that is out front doing the marketing, but she also has other partners like Adam Goldenberg and […]

Roberto Santiago Built A Mall That Is As Large As a City In Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a native of Brazil. He was raised in Joao Pessoa. At a young age, Roberto set out on his career path by beginning his own cartonage firm, where he designed a variety of cardboard cartons that were made use of by a variety of businesses in Brazil. Since that time, Roberto has […]

Fabletics the Sky is the Limit

Many new companies would see challenging Amazon for a share in the multi-million dollar active wear market an impossible dream. However, Kate Hudson and her active wear line, Fabletics are not just challenging Amazon; they are holding their own in a highly competitive niche market. In a mere three years, Hudson has taken the activewear […]