Arthur Becker and his work at Madison Partners LLC

Arthur Becker is a Managing Member at Madison Partners, LLC — an investment firm that has been growing in size and scope over the past several years. Arthur Becker’s work with Madison Partners focuses primarily on the real estate market but recent forays into the bio tech industry have Becker and co excited. Arthur Becker is a renowned entrepreneur, tech investor, writer, and artist. His work within various different industries lends credence to his ability to continually push the envelope and evolve his investment portfolio. Today we are going to talk about Becker’s renewed focus on the bio tech field.

To start off, we have to look at how Arthur Becker established Madison Partners in the wake of selling both NaviSite as well as ZINIO. It was during his time running those companies that Becker began to get more and more interested in spreading his industry experience. Becker started to get into real estate in 2011, buying and selling property in New York City as well as Miami, FL. Eventually Becker realized that this was what he wanted to do and a complete shift was right up his alley. Becker says, “I have also become exposed to a number of early state bio tech companies and became fascinated by the evolving paradigms in the bio technology.” Suffice to say, Becker seems to be renewed and reinvigorated by his work at Madison Partners.

Becker’s days are relatively unstructured now that he is only beholden to himself. Traditionally he’ll deal with conference calls, meetings, and real estate development business before furthering his research into the bio tech field. Right now in terms of real estate, Arthur Becker has a pair of projects going on. Becker is playing the role of investor in a luxury condo development in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan while also developing a trio of townhouses on Sullivan Street in Soho. Becker’s focus as far as bio tech goes is rather broad at the moment. He has repeatedly said that he wants to focus on bio technology that seeks to address the very real, and very deadly problem of cancer.

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