A Look At The Upcoming Lovaganza Celebration

What Is Lovaganza?

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand. Its motto is to “embark upon a bohemian adventure”. The goal of Lovaganza is to create and share interactive and immersive entertainment that will amaze audiences. That entertainment from Lovaganza also has a goal of sharing cultures and discovering what makes us similar and unique at the same time.

The Upcoming Lovaganza Event In 2020

In about three years the 2020 Lovaganza celebration will begin in May and end on September. The four month event will be hold in eight major cities across the world. Flagship Lovaganza locations will be found in the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas. The theme on designideas.pics for Lovaganza 2020 incorporates the official motto of Lovaganza and adds a global element to it. It is officially “embarking upon a bohemian adventure across the world” to represent the global nature of the 2020 celebration.

The Lovaganza festival will also have a classic look and feel. For example, the theaters will be reminiscent of Cinerama theaters. It will also have a carnival like feel and atmosphere that will remind people of the World Fairs of the past. Events at Lovaganza 2020 will be held under a “Grand Chapiteau” or massive outdoor pavilion set up especially for the event.

A Look At Some Of The Highlights Of Lovaganza 2020

One of the main attractions of Lovaganza 2020 will be its film festival. Films at Lovaganza will presented in Immerscope. This is a 3D interactive experience that attempts to immerse the audience into the film and become part of the movie on Crunchbase. There will be 180 degree 3D wraparound screens in caravans at the grounds and a 360 degree wraparound screen at the center of the Lovaganza event in the Grand Chapiteau. The films will come from different cultures and will promote a positive message of hope.

The event will take place towards the end of Lovaganza simultaneously throughout all of the Lovaganza locations. The idea of the Hands Across The World event is to link people across the world by having them hold hands. To cross barriers such as oceans, unity machines will allow people to connect with someone virtually via computers. See: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/lovaganza-officially-announces-dates-highly-193000575.html

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