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Tobias Jaeger, the Entrepreneurial Capital Adviser

Tobias Jaeger is a re-known entrepreneurial capital advisor, consultant, investment banker, as well as business developer with specialties for technology and media. To this end, he has experience of over ten years in building businesses, doing business internationally, and deal making. Currently, he is a Managing Partner at Axiom Venture Capital. Axiom Venture Capital is […]

Sawyer Howitt Has Advice For Millennial Entrepreneurs

     So you just finished college and are ready to blow up the business world with your kick butt business idea. Your attitude towards life is full of energy and is awesome, but you lack the necessary experience that a seasoned veteran has. Here are some important tips that you’ll need to know to get […]

Alexandre Gama – Creative and Bold

     I trust this finds you well: Alexandre Gama’s Wikipedia page and all that it promises to offer in one sole candidate background. Indeed, as one can easily note right off the bat, Mr. Gama’s life is quite filled with many a good skill and accomplishment, of which the most relevant are covered on this […]

Larkin & Lacey

Let’s face it, the world is in shambles. Every day, people discriminate against others who are different than themselves. The fact that people are sectioned off into various classifications of race, gender, nationality, identity, taste and sexuality exacerbates the problem. Fortunately, to alleviate the problem, human kind has developed an effective mechanism: the establishment of […]