Monthly Archives: May 2017

How Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama Is Internationally Recognized

Alexandre Gama is a highly regarded advertising executive in Brazil, both for his management skills and his creativity in creating media campaigns. He serves as the CEO and CCO of Neogama, an advertising firm he established in 1999. Prior to founding Neogama, Alexandre Gama created a large number of successful and memorable ad campaigns at […]

Karl Heideck On The Rise Of Financial Litigation Groups

Litigation is always something that companies are very scared of, but the more they grow, the more probable that a lawsuit will end up happening. It is almost unavoidable, so it is always better to prepare for it. Companies that know their risks and are aware of the possible complications that can arise when managing […]

Kim Dao Demonstrates Korean Face Products , Concealers, and Powxers

The first product Kim Dao demonstrates is called VDL Lumilayer Primer that really creates a very dewy glow. Next, Kim Dao shows us Innis free Cushion Base. The light pinkish-purple lotion comes out in a pump bottle. It has a white undertone when applied. Kim Dao moves along in the presentation to show us Hera […]