A Look At The Upcoming Lovaganza Celebration

What Is Lovaganza? Lovaganza is an entertainment brand. Its motto is to “embark upon a bohemian adventure”. The goal of Lovaganza is to create and share interactive and immersive entertainment that will amaze audiences. That entertainment from Lovaganza also has a goal of sharing cultures and discovering what makes us similar and unique at the […]

Keith Mann’s Philanthropy Is Inspiring

Keith Mann may not be a name that people immediately recognize, but it’s no doubt that he’s had a considerable impact on the education system in New York. As the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has also managed to become a leader in American philanthropic efforts. While other businesses typically devote a small […]

Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is a medical practice based in Austin, Texas that specializes in anesthetic treatment for surgery and other medical operations. Established in 1973, CAA provides patients with all majors types of anesthetic treatment, including general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and local anesthesia among other treatments. Anesthesia is meant to numb the physical […]

Geoffrey Cone Praises New Zealand’s Tax Transparency

Geoffrey Cone is an International tax and trust attorney. He is a graduate of the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zeeland with LLB and Honours, Postgraduate Diploma in Tax and Trust law. He started practicing in 1980 in Auckland, New Zealand, before moving to Christchurch where he was a partner and the Chairman of Partners […]

Shea Butter Is a Premium Ingredient For The Skin and Hair

  Shea butter has a great many uses for the body today, but the most popular by far is skin and hair moisturizing. Shea butter is one of the best substances for protecting and hydrating the hair to make it look its best. There are several articles and studies out there showing the effectiveness it […]

The Kabbalah Centre Explores the Universal Wisdom

There are few religions in the world that are tolerant of every other faith it comes into contact with, but Kabbalah is one of the few religious beliefs that is designed to specifically allow people of all creed’s to explore its teachings. Kabbalah has recently seen a resurgence of the interest in new age mysticism […]

Mike Baur Comes Up With A Creative Solution For Talented Startups

Startups carry a lot of potential investors who understand this fact put their money into thriving ideas that can grow to become leading businesses. In Switzerland, there are many young individuals who have good ideas but the biggest challenge is getting a platform where they can push for the implementation of the ideas. This is […]

Geoffrey Cone: An International Legal Expert In New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone is one of New Zealand’s most highly respected international legal authorities. He is best known for founding the international law firm Cone Marshall, which has its main headquarters in Auckland at Parnell House. Cone Marshall prides itself with being the only law firm in New Zealand to deal with international trust and tax […]

New York’s Complicated and Convoluted Real Estate Market

  New York real estate is like no other in the United States. New York has one of the biggest populations in the United States. New York is a great place to live. The residential real estate market is very unique for New York. The New York real estate market brings in lots of cash. […]